Conference Open Forum in Venice

News Publish Date
05-12-2023 14:01:48

The 16th CO2GeoNet Open Forum dedicated to the current status and trends in the geological CO2 storage took place in Venice, Italy from 2nd to 5th October 2023. ČGS was represented by Mr Dan Štěpánský. Mr Milan Pagáč from MND presented the current CO2-SPICER project with a lecture "Preparatory work for CO2 pilot injection into naturally fractured carbonate reservoir in the Czech Republic". Furthermore, three students from the Masaryk University Brno participated in the conference with posters focused on CO2 storage. These students were sponsored by the conference organizer in memory of the prematurely deceased project coordinator and long-time member of CO2GeoNet Vít Hladík.

The main findings and conclusions of the conference and discussion can be summarized as follows:

  • There is a prevailing optimism about the political support for CCS at the European level, stemming from the planned target of storing 50 million tonnes of Co2 by 2030.
  • No industrial storage facility for Co2 from anthropogenic sources is currently in operation in the EU.
  • Projects are driven by the oil sector, which intends to provide storage as a commercial service to emitters.
  • The preparation of aquifer structures will require exploration activities widely subsidised by the European countries.
  • Capital and operational expenditures of the whole CCS chain may reach 80 Euro/t of which the storage part accounts for about 10 - 13 Euro/t.
  • There is interest in a pan-European solution, mainly with potential in the North Sea, but with input from other participants.