Conference TCCS-12 in Trondheim

News Publish Date
23-06-2023 11:01:30

The CO2-SPICER project was presented by 5 contributions at the International conference of TCCS-12 (12th Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage) in Norway on June 20–21, 2023.

General information on the project was prepared by Roman Berenblyum (NORCE), based on input from all project partners. Geomechanics of caprock and reservoir rocks was the subject of a poster by Anders Nermoen (NORCE), prepared in cooperation with VSB. Another poster focused on risk assessment of CO2 storage was presented by Eric Ford (NORCE). Alexey Khrulenko (NORCE) showed the possibilities of using a special SCRM model for the investigated site Zar-3.

Project coordinator Juraj Franců and Petr Jirman (CGS) presented a poster focused on the seasonal and climatic constrains affecting the CO2 in soil-gas. The research was based on more than two years of continuous monitoring of the natural CO2 content in soil-gas above the Zar-3 field and in its nearest vicinity.

The TCCS-12 conference is one of the most prestigious events focused on CO2 storage. In 2023, there were 610 delegates from 38 countries attending the TCCS-12 conference.